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COPY & PASTE LINK TO DOWNLOAD PUBLIC SERVANT QUESTIONNAIRE==> http://chadallenfarmer.com/DOWNLOADS <==COPY & PASTE LINK TO DOWNLOAD ***Mission Statement: Win The Lost, Edify The Body & Know Jesus More Forever ***Goals: To be a free-enterprise, sustainable, economic infrastructure in the primary areas of food, water, air, shelter, energy, environment, technology, communications, education, and health and wellness. 888*][=The Declaration of Individual Independence=][*888 When in the course of His Life any individual achieves a clear understanding that the realization of his human potential for the ultimate promotion of his Lifetime Happiness is being severely Constrained and UnPermittedly Modified by the regulations of those governing his life, and at the same time he appreciates that increasing his Lifetime Happiness is solely his own responsibility, then it becomes necessary for him to declare his refusal to sanction the necessity, effect and the very existence of such regulations over him, to unilaterally dissolve those Connection Attributes by which he has been involved with his governors, and to assume his place among other Free Men with the independence of thought and sovereignty of action which his and their nature entitles and requires of them as shown by the ***Theory of Social Meta-Needs*** Since a reasonable person will both respect the opinions of other thoughtful individuals, and also realize that optimally increasing his Lifetime Happiness requires their individual cooperation in specialization and division of labor and in mutual exchange to the best interests of all, such a Declaration should thoroughly explain and justify the reasons that have caused the Declarer to take this action to no longer bind himself with them in obedience to the state. Finally, in order to make it abundantly clear that his Declaration of independence is not merely a license to do as he pleases according to his whims, the Declarer's respect for and need of the cooperation of Free Men necessitates that he states his Personal Responsibilities to them in a Contract form to which he unilaterally agrees and which he unilaterally Executes, at the same time imploring those who are not yet Free Men to make the same Declaration and to reciprocally Contract with him by becoming Free Men. I, the Declarer, hold these truths to be self-evident: I. that as a human, I am an individual Person, essentially separate from every other human with a uniquely different mind, and a uniquely different set of physical and mental Attributes. Though I am also metaphysically connected these connections are currently not quantifiable. II. that as a human, I have the potential for self-awareness, introspection, abstraction, rational thought and volitional action directed toward optimally increasing my Lifetime Happiness. III. that although my evolutionary purpose, as an animal, is merely the survival of my genome, now that I have matured to adulthood, as a human adult, this evolutionary purpose has been superseded by the desire to optimally increase my Lifetime Happiness in accord with my individual abilities and The Evaluations directed by My Rational Thought. IV. that one consequence of my human separateness is that the Information contents of my mind cannot, with any significant degree of completeness or accuracy, be transferred to or determined by Another Human without my cooperation, and even then, with only limited completeness and accuracy except for very simple things, because of the small bandwidth of Outward Communication (quantum communication) compared with Inward. In particular, my individual purposes are both uniquely different from, and cannot be significantly determined ahead of My Actions by any Other Human. V. that another consequence of my human separateness is that all of my mental and physical abilities for Thought, Evaluation, Choice and Action are not to any significant degree under the Control of anyone but Myself - that I AM Master of My Self. VI. that even though all humans have separate and uniquely different individual purposes, there exists a set of Social Meta-Needs, Responsibilities and Entitlements which, each of us agreeing to, mutually, consistently and concurrently (ie. com-possibly from "com" - together and "possible") optimizes the potential of each of us to achieve his individual purposes; and that to enable that optimization of potential, this com-possible set needs to be recorded as a manifest mutual understanding, a Social Contract, specifying the Relationships between Self-Sovereign Individuals Self-Governed Social Micro Enterprises, and Executed by each. VII. that such a Social Contract requires, at the least, that each Executor: a) accepts the Entitlement of each Free Man to be Sovereign over himself; b) declares his desire that the Person or Property of no Free Man should be Harmed, and his Intent not to be the Effective Cause of any such Harm, with the Harm being judged solely by the Harmed Free Man; and c) will hold himself fully Responsible for restoration of the Lifetime Happiness of each Free Man for whom he is the Effective Cause of Harm, to the best of his ability and with such Restitution being determined solely by the Harmed Free Man. VIII. that whenever any human or group of humans, whether calling themselves a government or not, becomes destructive of my Self-Sovereignty, Self-Government or Social Micro Enterprise, then my individual purposes allow, nay even require me to resist and to terminate this destruction by whatever means I Decide, and, together with other humans of like mind, to mutually bind ourselves to a Contractual Relationship which shall seem to each of us most likely to Effect our individual safety and our individual potential to optimally increase our Lifetime Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that social forms and arrangements long established should not be abolished for light and transient causes; and accordingly many people may consider it better to suffer an abusive government while reduction of their ability to achieve their individual purposes is suffer-able, than to right themselves by abolishing a government to which they are accustomed and potentially also terminating the social order concurrent with that government, however imperfect and incomplete that social order may be. But when a long train of laws, regulations and abuses pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce me under absolute state control, my individual purposes make it my personal responsibility and duty to myself to refuse to obey such laws and regulations as are not in accord with any of my individual purposes, and to Contract with others of like mind for our joint security and Inter-Action. Having suffered (often impatiently) such government abuses of my Self-Sovereignty, Self-Government or Social Micro Enterprise all my life, I now realize that the optimal increase of my Lifetime Happiness necessitates that I must reject all government rule to the best of my ability. The history of all governments and their agencies is a history of repeated legislation and actions against people which Violate their Self-Sovereignty, in particular which Violate their life (Person), Liberty and Property, and even their voluntary Inter-Relationships by replacing them with other, far less optimal arrangements. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world. 1. Government actions Constrain each person or UnPermittedly Modify the Choice Estimations of each person from making use of whatever lifeforms, substances, natural or manufactured objects that he Estimates will most increase his Lifetime Happiness by acquiring and to using them and which do not by themselves Harm any other person. Governments do this not only by forbidding or highly regulating the importation, production, sale, distribution, Possession and Control of such items, but also by their monopoly granting of patents, forbidding certain kinds of non-Violational research and obstructing the free flow of Information. ***2. With respect to various services, government actions Constrain each person or UnPermittedly Modify the Choice Estimations of each person from providing or using whichever of these he Estimates will most increase his Lifetime Happiness and which do not by themselves Harm any other person such as: 1. prostitution, 2. pornography, 3. abortion, 4. cloning, 5. sale of human organs, and 6. any services which require certification and licensing. 3. With respect to property, government agencies either confiscate, or strongly control its usage by each adult human by means of all forms of: 1. taxation, 2. price controls, 3. import and export controls and duties, 4. license fees, 5. zoning, 6. expropriation, 7. impounding of property both at the border and when under suspicion, 8. control of the money supply, 9. regulation of interest rates, and 10. lack of full restitution of all lost value resulting from unproven charges both criminal and civil. 4. With respect to Liberty, government laws UnPermittedly Modified the non-Harmful Actions of human individuals by threatening Constraints through such laws as: 1. compulsory jury duty, 2. conscription, 3. subpoena power, 4. contempt of court penalties, 5. detention or arrest without charge or trial, and without full Restitution to the detainee upon release without charge or trial, or after a verdict of not guilty, 6. denying people the right of Defense of Person and Property, 7. denying Victims full Restitution by the Violator for all their Harm due to losses of time, Liberty and Property caused by his Violation, 8. restricting the movement the immigration or visits of persons living outside its jurisdiction, 9. restricting the movement of all people across its borders, 10. forbidding many Inter-Personal activities fully Permitted by the participants, 11. prohibition of many activities when they can be sensed by others, and 12. allowing criminals to escape prosecution through: denying the validity of evidence "wrongfully" obtained, Violation of them during the investigation, arrest or trial, and plea bargaining (including the reduction/dismissal of charges against those who provide information leading to the conviction of other criminals). 5. With respect to the Availability of Actions, government created monopolies so distort the free market that the creation of new Choices of uniquely different goods and services, each competing for the purchaser's money according to his individual purposes, is effectively prevented. Examples of this are: 1. enforcement agencies of all kinds, 2. civil and criminal courts, 3. the promulgation of law, 4. coast guard, army, navy and air forces, 5. the creation of money, 6. the granting of charters, 7. mandated standards of weights and measures, 8. postal mail, 9. public utilities, 10. public health care, 11. public education, 12. public roads and other transportation systems, 13. the allocation and use of the electromagnetic spectrum, 14. exploration and development of space, 15. patent granting, and 16. copyright and trademark granting. 6. Government wastage of scarce resources by maintaining many people in tasks which produce nothing that a reasonable person would Choose to purchase, prevents the application of those man hours and monetary resources to create and produce products and services that people do want. Such distortion of scientific, technological and industrial productivity by governments has been growing exponentially in recent years as per capita income increases enable it to do so. 7. Government actions outside of its territory have not only wasted the resources of its citizens but have caused its citizens to be the targets of aggressive retaliation by those who have been Harmed by these extraterritorial actions. Thus, rather than enhancing the security of its citizens, government has, through its actions, directly decreased this security and the Freedom of its citizens to travel outside the country without being Violated. 8. Governments have made a mockery of the principle that all adult humans are to be treated equally under the law by granting to many of its agents and employees privileges (in effect, additional entitlements), including immunity from prosecution or from required Restitution to their Victims. A blatant example of this is allowing police agents to break the law during "sting operations" and to not be prosecuted for precisely the same actions for which other citizens are being prosecuted. 9. Governments have forbidden or heavily restricted travel, trade and information flow with certain areas of the world. In every stage of these oppressions many people have petitioned for redress in the most sincere and honest manner, but their repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injuries of a worsening nature. A government, whose only reasonable purpose should be as a mutual benefit organization, the character of which is thus marked instead by every act which may define a tyranny, is unfit to be voluntarily supported by reasonable persons. I, therefore, an adult human with nothing but the best of intentions toward all those who refrain from initiating or threatening violence against me, my property and my loved ones and from defrauding me, do, by my life and reality and my love of both, solemnly publish and declare: A. that my essential human Characteristics make me a Self-Sovereign Individual with the use and Control of my own body and mind and the need to use and Control the product of my body and mind according to my individual purposes; B. that as a Self-Sovereign Individual, I no longer sanction, nor have any duty to obey the laws, regulations or agents of any governments, and that all authority of government agencies over me, is and ought to be totally dissolved; C. that in order to promote my Lifetime Happiness, it is my desire, my Intention and my responsibility to not Violate the Person or Property of any human, to Defend my Person, my Property and the Persons and Property of other humans whom I Value, to Contract with other Self-Sovereign Individuals for services and for Trade according to mutually agreed Terms, to be fully responsible to Restitute any other human for any actual Harm done to them by my physical Actions, and to Perform all other Acts which I alone Decide are most likely to optimally increase my Lifetime Happiness according to the laws of Reality; and D. that in order to promote the conditions under which my Actions and the Actions of others will optimally contribute to the Lifetime Happiness of each of us, I acknowledge the Self-Ownership of every other human and his entitlement to act in the same manner as I Stipulate that I will do within this document; E. that in order to implement these Declarations as a clear consistent mutual manifest understanding of the com-possible set of Responsibilities and Entitlements which optimize the potential of each Self-Sovereign Individual to achieve his individual purposes, I have Executed and Published a Social Contract which binds me to all others who do likewise. F. that in order to make my declared Self-Sovereign Status evident to other humans and to promote the ideas within this Declaration and my Social Contract, I will henceforth place the word Free Man after my name, unless I clearly Estimate that doing so might be significantly detrimental to my Lifetime Happiness. And for the support of this Declaration, I beseech others of like mind to sign this Declaration, to also Execute the same Social Contract, and with me, as Self-Sovereign Individuals, together to this joint cause, pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. Declared and Executed on this 27th day of September in the year 1599 AD, by -Chad Allen Farmer, a Self-Sovereign Individual accessible via email *address @ The Bottom Of This Screen -C. A. F [[[§ 1-308]]] - "without prejudice" - non-combatant | agricultural entity Attestor: I, Norm Dyggar, a Self-Sovereign Self-Governed Social Micro Enterprise accessible via email *address: inormdyggar@gmail.com, have seen a picture identification (ID) of the Declarer and I Attest to the best of my ability that he/she and his/her signature above match that ID. -N. D. [[[§ 1-308]]] - "without prejudice" - agricultural entity *Legal Disclaimer: Information contained in this publication, or in any consultation regarding our services, cannot under any circumstances be construed as providing legal advice or forming any legal contract, but is purely educational in both form and substance.

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